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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 12: Summer's Over! :D

Hey dudes, it's Maddie! Most of you probably think "Oh no! Summer is over!" but I for one, get sick of the hot weather and boring days pretty fast. Plus, I'm pretty excited to go back to school. Of course, two weeks into school, I'll want summer again, but oh well :)

Today I:
  • Slept in until like 12:30 pm (totally by accident! I set the alarm for 9:30!)
  • Biked to the library and got myself some books :)
  • Stopped at a friends house on the way home
  • Wrote an introduction to another story
  • Organized the last few things for school
  • read

I didn't really do much, but I didn't do nothing either, and I got some stuff done which I'm glad about. Sometimes I sit around and do nothing, which makes me feel disgusting and so bored that I could run a mile!

School is starting on Tuesday, and as part of the eco-friendlyness of this project, my mom picked up some recycled notebooks and paper which they sell at the grocery store, but not Staples. Where's the logic in that?

I'm still 100% vegetarian, which is all good. I plan on bringing my own lunch to school for the most part, but when I don't have time to make one, I think I'll see what I can dig up at the salad bar in the cafeteria or hopefully theres a lot of other veggie options.

At the barbecue I went to one wednesday for the grade nine orientation, we got our homerooms, but not our full schedule. I think that's just ridiculous, because now instead of only bringing the binders and stuff I need, I'll have to bring it all. Anyway, I have gym for homeroom and first period every day first semester which I also think is ridiculous. I won't even be awake! Gym should not be aloud first period. What're they trying to do, torture the poor students? And what kind of homeroom is gym anyway? Other than that, I hope I have atleast drama first semester. I love drama class 8)

Like I said before...there isn't really much to talk about. We're just doing all the little things we can to be as eco-friendly as possible for this 21 days, and it is making a difference. It's funny because people think that it's so much work to do this, when really it isn't. And if it's hard to find eco-friendly products of anykind, make your own!

Speaking of making my own, I'd really like to learn how to sew. I think it'd be really cool to make a lot of my own clothes.

Well that's it for now! If you're doing anything exceptionally to help the environment, leave a comment about it! We need all the ideas we can get!


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