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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maddie: Getting Involved

Hey dudes.

As you know, my mom is getting back on track for the next 21 days. Since I'm already on track, I'm going to try to achieve the goals I want, and get involved in and outside of the school.

Last week there was a club showcase at my school. I decided to look around and join what I was interested. Though I'm dropping band, (and potentially music if I can get into a grade 10 art course...VOCAL MUSIC??!?!...hopefulllyyyyy) I've joined a million things in return.
SOOO, I auditioned for the school production of The King and I, and I'm in the chorus as a royal child and even though the chorus isn't good enough and I don't feel like accomplished anything I still have to stick with it. And I auditioned for Seussical at a local theatre, and call backs are Sunday. And I tried out for the improv team except I didn't make it which is just retarded because the people who just sat there and did nothing got callbacks and its stupid and I hate it and gah.

And I joined roleplaying club which is fun, and also very amusing because it's a bunch of guys, some girls (like 2 or 3), mostly geeky kids and then theres me, like this little preppy ninth grade girl (though I really am a dork at heart. Why else would I hve joined RPing? xD) .

Anddddd I'm trying out for Cappies Critics tomorrow. Which is where you like watch school plays and review them, and I'm hoping I make it because it's theatre and writing, two things that I really love.

And I joined creative writing though I haven't been going because the club days are always on wednesdays and theres usually girls singing rehearsals for The King and I.

To be honest, I'm feeling really lame and dissapointed with myself, because I suck at everything.

I'm in a bad mood.



  1. ddie thanks for posting this & expressing your feelings, but don't feel disappointed.It gets to be difficult at times to look ahead when things don't work the way we'd like. You are a smart individual and you will do well and acheive alot in your life. You need to be patient . I love you lots & I really pray that you continue to think positive .

  2. It's normal to have down days but you also have to look at everything you've achieved... I don't know you enough for my comment to really have a real impact but from your blog I can tell you're a very caring, intelligent and self-sufficient person!

  3. don't worry about the musical, maddie. Normally grade 9s only get chorus roles, and you'll see, it's still a hell of a lot of fun. And you r not under as much pressure as the main part of the cast is. You have to prove yourself first, and when you try out next year, Minter will remember that you were dedicated and take that into consideration when handing out roles. He's a really big stickler for people's attendance, so even if you don't think it's an important rehearsal, or it's a part that you know well, you have to go. He was so pissed last year when people wouldn't show up, (one of whom was an extra, but cause he wasn't there they could do the choreography for a scene properly)

    anyway... Minter was quick to get this going this year, i was a little surprised to hear that auditions where already done.