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Friday, August 12, 2016

Baby Steps

When I started to feel well enough to begin moving forward I had some decisions to make. Woud I stay in Cornwall or attempt to go back to Ottawa? Deep in my heart it wasn't even a question. Every failed attempt stood in front of me, reminding me that things had to change and that simply wasn't possible if I simply returned.

So I moved into an empty bedroom at my aunt's. My uncle had passed away early in April and the company was good for her. And it meant a move away from my parents house. I had grown up there, had friends, lots of relatives, a church family, a therapist. In other words, lots of support.

I made a list of goals and action steps. I made a bucket list. And I decided that as much as possible, I was going to enjoy my summer.

I made pavlova

spent time with my grandson

Ate at The Quirky Carrot in Alexandria

and took pictures of quirky houses

I bought a live orchid,

took in art galleries,

went to a Medieval Festival,

Upper Canada Village

and took a selfie.
I took hikes

laid in hammocks.

enjoyed my first ever yoga retreat

and tried to surrender.

I drove to Ithica, NY...

to see "The Heights" at the Hangar Theater (Great show!)...

with my daughter Maddie.

We also ate at "Moosewood" Restaurant (Hello bucket list!) I'd been wanting to go there since 1985.

A week later I was off to Stratford, ON to see "As you like It" at the Shakespeare Festival. Another check on the Bucket List.

Thoroughly enjoyed reuniting with my cousin, the great play (Shakespeare's words set in 1985 Newfoundland), the beautiful little town of Stratford

and St Jacob's market.

I've dyed my hair slightly differently.

I'm now housesitting in Montreal,

with Sonja

and Carole who sadly had to leave on Wednesday. We've been to the Botanical Gardens, downtown, saw a protest march, old Montreal, had Mexican in Chinatown, did lots of Khiel's, L'Occitane, Must Boutique, Williams-Sonoma and

Anthropologie where I could have easily dropped a year's wages but managed to restrain myself.

So what else have I done? A partial juice fast for 12 days, some hikes, went swimming. went kayaking for the first time ( more off the Bucket List), registered for school.....

None of these things may seem like much. But for the first time in a very long time, I've actually put myself first. And I've really enjoyed this summer. 

Day by day, I am healing.

Peace, my friends
C xo

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  1. are healing..and getting stronger each day! I enjoy spending time with you! A hike is in order soon with good eats! :) xo cj