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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February project

Well it's the last day in January and I've made it through my first project of 2017! As mentioned in my last post,  it didn't all go as planned but on the whole I think I did pretty good. Life this past month has been challenging and where I once would have drowned my misery in cake, that hasn't been an option. If I'm being honest, I'm finding myself more and more depressed. The news that I have a uterine tumour hasn't helped. The doctor says the odds are 90% in my favour that it is benign but that doesn't seem good enough...I want 100%! I'm taking medication designed to shrink it (and give me constant headaches to boot) and have surgery scheduled for March 20th. Then I'll find out the biopsy results. Fingers and toes crossed!

As I mentioned in my last post, I plan on continuing to eat a wholly unprocessed diet. I expect that things may slide a bit since it will not be my focus for February but that's okay. As long as I can keep coming back to it, it will be of great benefit to me and my health.

On to my February project....daily movement. I commit to moving my body daily. By daily movement I mean doing more than my current few minutes of yoga and core exercises. I mean going to the gym, walking for at least half an hour, strength training at home, longer yoga sessions. This has to become a habit for me if I'm to get well. I want to increase my endurance and strength. This will help to decrease my depression and aid in weight loss. A win-win!

I'm gearing up and getting ready to go tomorrow!

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