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Monday, January 9, 2017

Plans and goals

So many big plans for 2017! I’m really excited for this year, even as it’s just beginning to take shape. 

Physically I’d like to take off 25% of my weight in order to be healthier. To be back to were I was in 2010 before my health took a decidedly miserable turn. Years of too much medication, some of which were worse than useless, and extreme stress have taken a toll on me. My body has changed in ways that I couldn’t have imagined, my energy levels have taken a nosedive. So has my self-confidence. However, I’ve learnt a lot of about what my body needs. Studying to be a holistic nutritionist is giving me a good solid base of expanded knowledge, added to my nursing diploma and lots of personal study. I would, however, like to figure out the way of eating that helps me to feel at my very best…omnivore, paleo, vegetarian? We are all different so part of the year will be spent trying different dietary styles on for size. There are certain things which are true for all of us to be sure. Keeping our diets as unprocessed as possible, minimizing added sugar, avoiding simple carbohydrates. Beyond that, Ill’ be trying different dietary hats on for size.

Becoming more physically active is also in the works. One month it’ll be daily movement, another daily yoga. I’ll be attending another yoga retreat this summer. Daily core work is a non-negotiable in order to protect and strengthen my back. It’s all about feeling strong and powerful and having my body work as well as it possibly can.

I’ve got a list of Christmas projects I want to make for next December. It includes things like felted slippers, knee high cable socks, a cardigan, sweater and ribbed socks. I’ve got some watercolour projects planned as well as some personal care items to make up. I’d like to tackle soap making, fair isle knitting and I have a wonderful friend who is going to teach me to quilt this fall. Being creative and learning new things is such a delightful way to spend time. Expanding my creative horizons is a great way to feel alive and like I’m growing and evolving.

There are countless household items to downsize. There’s a house to paint and a bathroom to renovate. Then sell.

There are two more semesters of school to get through. Case studies to get done and I want to keep my average above 90%.

There’s a long list of books waiting to be read. Two have been read already: “Miss Dimple and the Slightly Bewildered Angel” by Mignon Ballard (cute with a great 40’s feel) and “Cruel Beautiful World” by Caroline Leavitt (riveting storytelling with lots of twists and turns). I’m going to continue watching the available Nordic Noir and British TV shows (Call the Midwife, The Crown)

Besides the cooking required in day to day life, I have plans to expand my Scandinavian cooking repertoire. Why Scandinavian cooking, you ask? My answer to that is why not?! It interests me, there are interesting flavours and it’s relatively healthy. Embracing “hygge” is also becoming more important to me and there will be more about that in another post.

I’m doing at least two workshops this year (probably more!). I’ll be doing Heather Bruggeman’s “Hibernate” 4-week workshop, something I’ve done twice in the past. I get so much from this workshop. Each day of the week is assigned a different category…nourish, renew, gather, create and rest. There are delightful essays, recipes and projects. So much goodness! I’m not sure if registration is still open but you can check Heather’s blog at Workshop links are on the right side of the page. I’m also doing a Desire Map (level one) three-day workshop. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map process but it’s a really unique take on goal setting and inspiration.

There are two road trips in the works! To Stratford, ON for one. I plan on seeing another play at the Shakespeare Festival and visiting with my delightful cousin. Stratford is a lovely town, one worth exploring. I’d also like to spend a little more time at St Jacob’s Market. Lots of unique items there.
The second road trip will be wonderful if we can pull it off: a month-long adventure to the west coast of Canada, then south through the US to California and cutting a diagonal swath back up to Canada…. the go to stops so far are: Banff (my old stomping grounds), Vancouver Island, Seattle, San Francisco, Route 1(!), San Luis Obispo, Sedona and Mansfield Missouri. If anyone has any specific places to see/things to do, please leave a comment! I’d love your input…

That’s it for today…time to put the tea kettle on!

C  xo

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