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Monday, January 2, 2017


Every year I try to choose a word to focus on. Last year was Renew...and boy was it the right word. I didn't realize how broken I WAS until the year was half way through. And renewal was what happened last year.

This year my word is Flourish...After the painful rebuilding of my broken parts (still ongoing btw...PTSD isn't dealt with overnight, especially when it is years in the making.) this year I intend to focus on stepping out into the sunlight. To Flourish exactly where I am. I will continue to speak my truth as hard as that can be. I want to learn to shine my light again and live life to the fullest.

So FLOURISH it is.

In the hopes of building better habits and finding out what works best for me I am committing to trying out various things throughout the year. Daily movement, whole 30, buy nothing, vegan etc....

This month is to eat unprocessed. A tall order for sure but it's only for thirty days. So no sugar (only honey and maple syrup), canned foods, homemade breads and yogurt (can be bought if  it's made with whole unprocessed ingredients). These are the lines I'm drawing in the sand. No GMO's. Organic produce, as much as possible. Also pastured animal protein, and wild fish whenever it is feasible. I am determined to regain my physical health as much as possible. I also must break the chains of sugar and processed carb addiction. The goal isn't weight loss, although that must happen too. It's to fine tune my diet. Strip away the junk and see what makes me feel better. My inspiration for this is the book "Unprocessed"by Megan Kimble. What a great read! So much information and inspiration to do the same, starting wherever you are.

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I'll be blogging about it a couple of times and week and will keep you posted on my progress. I think it's going to be enlightening and fun...

Here's to flourishing!

Love and peace


  1. It's good to find you posting again. Flourish is a magnificent word! Here's to a happy, healthy & flourishing 2017!

  2. Thank you Laurie! I love your last blog post about frugal things, so inspiring!