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Friday, January 27, 2017

Unprocessed week four

It was a pretty good week for my unprocessed eating project. Mind you, I did have some fails this month. Chocolate (77% but not made at home), crackers, a bagel and cream cheese. I didn't make crackers, I bought some "Mary's Gone Crackers" which are fine but when I ran out I switched to the regular Breton that I had in the cupboard. The  bagel was eaten on a day I was starving for lunch. At least the cream cheese on it was made from grass fed milk and was organic. Some of the vegetables and fruit that I ate weren't organic, but I ate plenty of them!

I ate out one day and chose to go to the "Green Door" on Main street in Ottawa. It's a vegetarian buffet made with organic and local ingredients as much as possible. So good! I filled half of my plate with salads. Broccoli salad with a tofu dressing, Celeriac salad, kale salad, marinated mushrooms, green bean salad. Mung bean thread salad. I also had mashed potatoes with kale and a piece of broccoli quiche. For dessert I ate a slice of lemon coconut cake. (Made with spelt flour and maple syrup). It was delicious!!

Another meal was a delicious vegetable tart (made with eggplant, mushrooms, zuchinni, yellow squash, tomatoes and goat cheese). With it we had steak smothered in mushrooms and grilled tomatoes.

One day I had broccoli soup for dinner. Along side the soup I made a fabulous quinoa salad with steamed beets, roasted mushrooms, dill and feta. There were a few steps involved but it was well worth it! I'll post the recipe next month.

Breakfasts have mostly been spelt bread, toasted with cashew butter and bananas. Or oatmeal with frozen berries, walnuts and coconut milk. Lunches are still difficult. If there are leftovers I eat those. Or a boiled egg and raw vegetables with hummus. Maybe I should have a smoothie on those days that I'm hungry but don't feel like eating...I think I'll give that a try.

I've been knitting away on a Christmas gift for next year. I was almost done of the main body of a sweater when I realized that I had made a noticeable mistake and had to take half of it apart! So frustrating. But I'll keep working on it. It'll feel pretty good to have the main part of my gifts done ahead of time.

Going back to the Unprocessed's gone pretty well. My failures had more to do with lack of planning than with anything else. I still crave processed food sometimes but feel a lot better for not eating it. And I've lost 4 pounds! Just a drop in the bucket compared to what I want to lose but it's a start and I have to say it was pretty painless! I'm going to continue eating this way as much as possible into the next month. along with another project I'm starting on February 1st. More on that later...

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  1. I so enjoyed my tart and steak! Also, thank you for introducing me to the fabulous restaurant "The Green Door. Yummy! Great usual! :)