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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Perspective

My first post. I would've written earlier, but mom pretty much covered it all... :)

Today went really well. I missed out on cookies at a friend's house though, which was unfortunate, but I did get to have a popsicle because it was one of those all fruit bars and I checked the ingredients.

For breakfast I had gluten free, vegan waffles and I must say, that they are FAR superior to Eggo waffles. You don't get that eggy taste (obviously) and they're sweeter, which I like. I had 2 with apple butter and raspberries on top. Yum!

For lunch, I was at my friend's house, but fortunately she's vegetarian and their family is a big fan of Rainbow Foods, so there was no problem there. I had these things that are like rice cakes only they're thinner and made of corn (and quite frankly, better) dipped in homemade hummus my friend's mom made. We also munched on cucumbers and red peppers, but that's nothing new. Later on the others had ice cream, but I satisfied myself with a frozen fruit bar, strawberry flavoured.

A lot of my friends are shocked about me being vegan...even when I tell them it's just for 21 days. I get a lot of reactions like "I could never do that!" and "wow, that sounds so hard!". Except for from my vegetarian friend, she's all for it...and even wants to go vegan permanently!

Honestly though, I didn't have any trouble or whatever...I don't drink a lot of coffee (sometimes I'll make myself iced coffee though, if it's really hot) or anything caffeinated in general, so that's not a problem. I'm going to miss chocolate and cheese, but I'll deal. Actually, I'm really scared of trying vegan cheese... Sugar is kind of difficult...I've got a sweet tooth, but 21 days isn't a lot time, and gluten isn't hard either because we've got alternative stuff, and even though some gluten free stuff is nasty, I know for a fact some of it is good because those gluten free vegan waffles were delicious!

I'm looking forward to trying out new things over the next 21 days...



  1. I'm so proud of you guys.. Don't worry about the cheese that sense of deprivation will go away soon..I can't even eat the stuff anymore.. Xavier is very dairy intolerance so the whole family is dairy free.. Keeps thing simple and a two year boy happy... The chocolate, I haven't figured out that one but there is a natural cocoa bar out there .. I just can't remember the name it's dairy and gluten free! If I see it again I will let you know.

  2. You are such a good spirited soul! Your attitude toward this adventure is amazingly mature and determined. Best of luck but I'm certain you will succeed without difficulty! Keep up the great work and you will surely have an awesome life!