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Sunday, July 25, 2010

In The Beginning...

It all started with the idea of doing a vegan cleanse, in order to get healthier. I had the book "The Quantum Wellness Cleanse" by Kathy Freston, which has a 21 day vegan cleanse in it. My daughter Madison decided that she wanted to come along for the ride. As we talked about the whole idea of a 21 day long eating adventure, ideas started to flow about other projects we could undertake. Projects which could change or improve our lives in some way. Or projects that could be done for fun and to achieve goals. Each project will last 21 days with atleast one week (or maybe more) in between each project. We've come up with a list...but we're not sharing it :)

The first project is the vegan cleanse, which will begin on Tuesday, July 27.

More tomorrow!



  1. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Just read through this (not every word but almost!) and checked out your beautiful and delicious meals. I am going to try that one salad you have here.

    I started writing a blog about my eating adventures too but never shared it. If you want to see it, its here

    I think there may be a few cuss words in there, I share pretty honestly about how I feel about my health, weight, etc.

  2. Barbara
    I'll definitely be going over to check out your blog!! I love to read about the journey of others. All we can do is try right??
    I am so proud of you and your phenominal weight loss! You have done so well...
    Thanks for commenting, you know how much that means. Let me know how the recipe turns out. Sorry I don't measure anything :)
    ps. who cares about a few cuss words. Let 'em fly!