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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Two

Well, today was a little tougher. I had a headache all day, presumably because of a serious lack of caffeine. But, I didn't cave. Proud of myself for that :)
When I got around to reading the day two chapter of Freston's cleanse book I was in for a bit of a shock.
She gives some good advice: substitute 10 to 30 minutes of exercise for your morning coffee, drink more water and get lots of rest. Then she gives a list:
what to avoid
- coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas (or sodas with guaran), green tea
- energy drinks
- dark chocolate
- coffee-flavoured desserts
- over the counter medications containing caffeine

- herbal tea
- decaf coffee

Did you read that??? Decaf coffee!!! After two mornings of teeccino when I get up the thought of even decaf coffee is unbearable. I should have read all of the chapters of the darn book ahead of time :)

This has been my morning breakfast drink. Teeccino made in the French press, with a teeny tiny touch of stevia and some soy creamer in the cup. I had to get the creamer. I'm used to drinking my coffee with half and half and the Teeccino was so strong and dark I couldn't drink it. I think tomorrow I'll mix the Teeccino and decaf coffee half and half. I do like the Teeccino flavour but a touch of coffee would be nice...just for the taste.

After my morning brew I made a smoothie with a frozen banana, some frozen mixed berries, almond milk, ground flax seeds and a big handful of spinach. I was worried that it would be all green but it wasn't. All I could see were some tiny green flecks and I honestly couldn't taste a thing. I drank half and left the other half for Madison when she got up. She drank it without knowing about the spinach...she was nicely surprised when she found out. HA!

These crackers are so very, very good! Wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and organic. They taste like savoury sesame snaps. I enjoyed some of these with hummus and a bean and vegetable soup for lunch.

In the afternoon I made a green drink out of organic apple juice, water and some "Perfect Greens" powder. I was a little hungry in the afternoon so I had some cherries after the green drink and that did the trick. If it didn't I would have had a brown rice cake with almond butter or something.

This is the salad that I invented and made up for dinner. It's a roasted vegetable salad served over mixed greens and it was yummy!!

I roasted cubed sweet potatoes and halved red new potatoes tossed with olive oil at 400 degrees . When they were almost done I added a bunch of cut up asparagus. While they were still warm I mixed in (gently so the potatoes wouldn't break up) my dressing. This was made with garlic, grainy Dijon mustard, 1/2 a juiced lemon, balsamic vinegar,celtic sea salt, thyme and parsley. Don't ask me about the measurements because I didn't use any. Just add, mix and taste until it's right :) Before serving put mixed green in a bowl. I used romaine, spinach, parsley and a tiny bit of fresh basil. Dump the potatoes and asparagus on top, making sure to include any dressing left in the bowl. I topped it off with red pepper, cut in a tiny dice.

Madison, her friend Holly and I had this salad with veggie burgers. The rest of the crew had real burgers. I had vegenaise, mustard and fresh tomato slices on mine. We tried the soy cheese I had bought. Good grief that stuff was awful!! The texture was strange, the flavour was yucky and the after taste made me feel sick. Needless to say it didn't make it onto my burger, which was Yves brand and tasted just fine :)

Well that's it for tonight.

More tomorrow!


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