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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maddie's Perspective: Day Two

I have to make confession:

I cheated.

You know how everyone has those little things, that they seriously can't stand doing, or not doing? Well, I'm seriously OCD, and I have alot of those things. One of them? Eating burgers without cheese. It sounds weird, but I can't do it. I start feeling nauseous, and it's like eating soup that's only broth. You aren't eating soup are you? It's not complete! Not only that, but I really really really hate the taste of ketchup, but I have to put a little bit on my burgers or else it the mustard is all unbalanced...Anyway, I really hate ketchup so I use cheese to cover up the taste.

Unfortunately, soy-rice-vegan-unmeltable-grobely-whateverthechunkitis "cheese" is disgusting.

Not only that, but my veggie burger was on a bun. Which is still vegan, but not gluten free so that's kind of breaking the cleanse. Though, my mom put the veggie burger on the bun without asking me, so I really had no say...

Well, the bottom line is; I could NOT stand eating the burger without cheese. So I caved. But it's only day two, so it doesn't really matter anyway. It's not like it's half way through or anything.

Other than that, the day went well. I had a smoothie mom made for breakfast (which she secretly destroyed by adding spinach...sheesh mom, you could've warned me!), bean soup, gluten-free and sugar-free crackers, and hummus for lunch, and then the unfortunate cheese incident happened at dinner.

And I warn all you vegans...that cheese is DISGUSTING. Maybe we should've gone with the other one...

Oh well, tomorrow's a new day!

-Maddie :)

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  1. Try the burger on a bed of lettuce.. I might work better next time.. Also trust me 21 days without cheese and you will never miss the sticky icky taste and aftertaste of cheese.