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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day five

Death by chocolate...that's what today's post should actually be titled. Sigh. I was bested by my nemesis once again :(
The day started out really well. I warmed up some oatmeal from yesterday and added a chopped apples, walnuts, ground flax and the usual splash of soy milk. We headed out for the farmer's market in Carp around 9:00.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny, but not too hot and with just a few clouds in the sky. Maddie hadn't been to the market in years and I hadn't been since last summer so we were pretty excited.
We started with a run through of the market. Strolling along and checking out each stall, seeing what each one had and what the prices were. Lots and lots of vegetables were on offer but very few fruits which was a little disappointing.

The market itself.

Absolutely, beautiful rainbow swiss chard from one of my favorite produce sellers: Rainbow Heritage Garden. You can check them out at

Another offering: rainbow carrots! We didn't get any of those but we did get some rainbow beets :)

Anyway, we did fine while we were outside it was when we went indoors that we ran into a problem. Every second stall had baking...groan. I asked at almost every one "Do you do gluten free? Do you do vegan?" Of course the answer was always no but apparently there is lots of interest. Then we came to a booth which offered beautiful paris macaroons. They were stunning, the next time I go I'll get some photos because they actually were gorgeous. We asked if they were gluten free and they were! We asked if they had dairy and one kind didn't! Maddie and I looked at each other, so excited...we could eat one of these stunning confections. Small mouthfuls of sin. As the seller was packaging them up she commented "It's a good thing you're not allergic to eggs because if you were you couldn't have these." Shoot! What to do? They were already in the bag. They were already within reach. So we reached, banishing the guilt with thoughts that it had been too late, they had been in the bag and paid for therefore it was too late. They were sooooo good. Chocolate hazelnut Paris macaroons...Wow. So it was a triple whammy really: the eggs, the sugar and the chocolate. But really it was the chocolate that seduced us.

When I met my cousin Melanie for lunch later we ate at "The Green Door" a fabulous vegetarian restaurant on Main Street. It's honestly one of my favourite places. Melanie shared a lot of vegan/raw diet wisdom with me while we ate. I had a small plate made up of tofu and broccoli, eggplant ratatouille, potatoes and kale, dilled green and yellow beans and snap pea salad with mint. I know it sounds like a ton of food but there was really only a spoonful of each on the plate.
Dessert time came along (this was why we went with the small plates, an excellent weight control trick). I ate (Lord help me!) a slice of Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cheesecake...Now before anybody shoots me please know that it was vegan, gluten free, sugar free; however it was not CHOCOLATE free. It got me again...I fell from my cleanse high ground.

I tried to repent at dinner. I had salad with seasoned black beans, corn and red onions. Maybe it'll help me get back on track. The thing about a cleanse is that you are supposed to be strict. Otherwise you're kind of defeating the purpose of doing it at all.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another day!



  1. I would write this off has a learning experience.. You're doing a great Job.. Love MommaBear

  2. Thank you for posting the beautiful photos of our produce!!! Please check out my blog and become a follower:

  3. oh and if you ate at TGD you probably ate our produce there too!!! we sell a lot to them throughout the growing season.... so glad you are enjoying our produce!!

  4. We all make mistakes, believe me when I tell you this. Sometimes, when I'm really jonesin' for something I would not normally eat I plan to eat it in 3 days. This way I'm allowing myself to have it in the future. When the 3rd day comes around and I still want it, I have a very small amount. But usually by day three I don't want it anymore. Then my craving is for something new :P

  5. I guess we both got bit by the chocolate bug yesterday but, c'est la vie! Life is too short to NEVER splurge, right? :)

    That Swiss chard looks so wonderful. I am going to make some Kale today. I've never had it before!

  6. Barbara: I love's delicious. I've eaten it raw, sauteed, braised and roasted. Yum!!!

    Mama Motz: I like the three day tip. Thanks for that. :)

    Rainbow Mama: Now I know why I love TGD so much!!

    Momma Bear: Thank for the support!!