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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dare you to try!

I've remembered something about myself recently....if I try, there's a chance that I can do just about anything.

Last summer when my illness really started to take it's toll and I had to go off work on med leave it was tough. Especially because the first lung lesion was found at that time. Can you say stress? But within ten days I had myself turned around, quit smoking cold turkey and discovered Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer crusade. Kris is wonderful and has tons of info in her DVD documentary and books. But at the time she didn't have any kind of full on nutrition related info out there so when I decided to do a cleanse I found Kathy Freston and used her as my guru.

And it was amazing. Transformative. I felt somewhat better and began to feel a measure of peace. Then the cleanse ended and after a time life, financial and family stress, illness and the discovery of another lung lesion intervened in a major way and I slipped off the path...right into the gutter. If there are any of you reading this who have been following me since the beginning you've seen me disappear into the nether world.

But around the time of the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) I started to feel a small spark of my old self. My desire for change and my taste for the journey re-emerged. Then (just in time) Kris Carr's new book came out. Just what I needed to guide me and give me a good start.

My pre-cleanse week is almost up and I'm feeling really positive. Once again Maddie has decided to join me. :)

Monday we begin!

This morning I headed for the meditation cushion first thing and it started my day off just right. My timer is broken but I sat on the cushion and took a deep breath anyway. Funnily enough I opened my eyes at just the right time! (Ten minutes in and time to wake up my son)

This is my altar/meditation area. On the wall is the poster that my sister in law gave me for christmas. I'm going to have to get a frame for it eventually but I couldn't wait for that to happen before I got it up there. The framed 90 picture I found in a thrift store. It is made with flower petals and signed by a group of nuns. There is a postcard from an Irish cemetary, a couple of birthday cards that are special and a funeral card from my aunt Elaine who passed away from lung cancer in 2009. There's also a small framed print from Charleston leaning against the wall (most beautiful city I've been to-so far) I have a dream catcher hanging up there and a tag from France, a "green" tag...all funny little things that mean something to me :)

Must fly now...much peace, love and happiness to everyone!

C xxoo

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  1. love your meditation area and your 2011 intentions... thanks for coming to my blog! best wishes to you xo, jenny :)