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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking for ideas

Before I get to the main point of this post. Let me assure you that I've gotten back on track. Thank goodness :)

Last night Maddie and I had Gardein's Chick'n Scallopini, sauteed potatoes, steamed kale and salad for dinner. The Scallopini was delicious. I will definitely buy it again. It's so hard to judge the faux meats. Some of them are horrendous.
Today started with green juice. Surprise!! We did add kale though and wow did that ever ramp up the green of it all! I hadn't added it so far because I was a little concerned that I would find it too strong. But it was still very tasty and drinkable.
I've been a sprouting fool since this started which is great; however, I discovered that sunflower sprouts are better sprouted in a tray rather than a jar. Trying to get all those little black shells out of the jar is a nightmare! I'll stick to alfalfa and crunchy bean mix sprouts until I get a tray. I'll just add these to juice.
For lunch I ate the salad leftover from dinner last night and GF toast with almond butter. A green juice snack this afternoon held me until dinner.

These portobello mushrooms are what Maddie and I had in our fajitas instead of steak. As good as they were I found it tough smelling the grilled beef. I had to keep reminding myself how horrible life was for those poor animals and how BAD eating their flesh is for me. I made sure to pile the veggies on my fajita and had two servings of salad.

Now for the main point of this post. I have to go for a spinal tap on Monday. I've been told that I may be laid up with a splitting headache for a couple of days. If this occurs I'll literally have to be flat on my back :)

I'm looking for ideas for vegan, GF meals that can be made ahead or are easy enough to put together. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!

Love and peace signs

xxoo C


  1. I admire how healthy you're eating! I'll leave you a link to one of my favorite food blogs...quite a few Vegan, GF recipes here

  2. Hi! I've been following your blog since I saw your post on Kris Carr's facebook page. I started her 21-day cleanse the same day as you. :) You're lucky to have your daughter doing it with you. My husband is also doing the cleanse and it makes it much easier with his support. For quick and easy meal ideas I'll cook a big pot of rice, and a bunch of beans. That way I can eat them separately or together and add any veggies I have on hand. In a crunch I'll also throw anything I have into the blender! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for the link I'm going to pop over there and see what I can find. Thanks for continuing to read!

    Hey Julie,
    I'm happy to meet a fellow crazy sexy lifer, especially one who started the cleanse the same day as me! I wish my husband would do the cleanse with me, but he won't. although he will have some green juice or smoothie if I make it when he is around. Thanks for reading the blog and for the rice and beans idea. The blender is a good one too!