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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day Two

A few negatives today: a bit of a headache and some dizziness. I know exactly what is causing it though, it's caffeine withdrawal. Oh and sugar withdrawal too. Even though I had reduced my caffeine and sugar consumption before yesterday, I was still ingesting some. And can I ever tell!! Yesterday when I was having the withdrawal symptoms I thought I was coming down with the flu. Ha!! The symptoms were still there waiting for me this morning when I woke up. As the morning wore on it slowly struck me that the problem was withdrawal not flu. Just as well, I'll get over it faster :)

Despite the little withdrawal glitch, I had an excellent day. I hit the meditation pillow first thing and had a great breakfast of a purple coloured green smoothie...1/2 banana, 3/4 to 1 cup of mixed frozen berries, 2 cups of spinach, a sprinkle of cinnamon and stevia and a splash of water. Blended up it was delish.

Later in the morning we walked to the library. Steve carried my books for sweet, like high school in a fifties movie :) Our walk lasted about 40 minutes, which is a nice length of time. My lunch was made up of last night's dinner with the exception of the potatoes and the addition of flax crackers. I really piled on the salad!

The afternoon was spent listening to my new "Chant" cd. It's excellent if your into that kind of thing. I find it hugely inspiring! I hear the chanting start and immediately want to pick up a pencil or paintbrush. This afternoon I did a picture including my goals for 2011. IT's at the start of this blog post. Much more inspiring than a plain old list!

I did a dry brush this afternoon and then took a hot epsom salt and lavender essential oil bath. Such a treat in the middle of the day :)

Taco Tuesday for dinner today :) I made a black bean base and cooked up some ground beef on the side for the carnivores. Maddie and I had some grated rice cheddar "cheese" which was actually palatable and tofutti "sour cream". I made a cucumber salsa and guacamole as well. The recipe for the tacos came from the book "Family Dinner" which is a great cookbook and lifestyle/idea book. Even though it's not specifically vegetarian there is a meatless Monday chapter and many of the other recipes can be adapted. We lit the candles and had a great dinner. I kept it to one taco and had two helpings of salad. I also piled the tomatoes and lettuce and other veggies on the taco.

As I write this I'm drinking a cup of "easy tea" which is good for digestion (hand blended), the kids are watching a movie and Steve is building a fire in the living room. I've taken my supplements and medication and despite my little "discomforts", I feel good!

A demain...

C xxxooo

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