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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1 and stuff

Yo. Maddie here.
I was vegan and stuff.
My cat threw up.
Dinner was good.
And I made banana sorbet.

I guess today went well and I know since its the first day your expecting a post of actual context, but since nothing happened today I don't feel like it. I'm sure my mom will write something good tomorrow...soooo yeah.

I guess the cleanse isn't as exciting as it was last time seeing as I've already done it, but whatever. I'm sure when I'm in a better mood another day I'll have something decent to say.

On another note, I am in love with the magic bullet. I DISCOVERED THAT ITS ALSO A BIG BLENDER AS WELL AS FOR INDIVIDUAL CUPS. And its a juicer. And stuff. Its fun, I throw in a bunch of stuff and make either juice or smoothies and its a lot of fun, plus theres a variety of things I can do. I made orange juice this morning but it was gross. Also, I've lemonade with stevia and its really yummy :) I tried using agave but it left a funny aftertaste.

For dessert I made banana "sorbet" (I USED THE MAGIC BULLET) and it was yum. I used frozen bananas and almond milk and some stevia because I like it when things are sweet. But bananas are already freakishly sweet so you wouldn't wanna put too much. I'm going to try this with other frozen fruits as well.

Anyway homework is piling up (summatives. fml.) and I should really be working on that instead of blogging so yeah. I would write more, but I won't.
-Maddie xD

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