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Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of those days

Yesterday was a good day. I did yoga and skin brushing and meditating and dealt with the emotional rollercoaster that I've been on. I ate really, really well. Made my afternoon snack my leftover morning smoothie.

I kept my lunch heavy on the raw side. Tofu and veggies in rice paper wraps with a spicy dip, salad and leftover steamed greens.

I was surprisingly still hungry so I had some dessert. Apple slices and a couple of medjool dates (soooo good!) with a cup of peach ginger green tea. The tea was thankfully really warming because baby it was cold outside!

Dinner consisted of Costa Rican black bean soup. Nice and easy with no added fat in the soup. I diced some avocado and sprinkled it on top for added colour. We had our usual soup day side dishes with it, crudites, hummus, veg dip and flax/sesame crackers.

So all was well. Until I woke up during the night with ridiculous pain in my sides and lower back. I managed to get back to sleep but felt awful in the morning. I had a fever and kept dozing off. And the pain kept getting progressively worse. I finally took myself off to the walk in medical clinic. Result: kidney infection. Therefore, antibiotics. Ugh!

I'll up my dose of Vitamin C and take some probiotics. Hopefully that will help my body deal with the darn antibiotics. I'm sure I'll feel better soon!

I the meantime I'll keep on

and be back with more soon!

Love, peace and green juice

C xxoo

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  1. LOve your plate. Keep up the faith. Praying for
    a diagnois & healing. Love you!