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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Looking for input...

I'm looking for input from anyone out there who is reading along. My birthday is on Thursday and I was honestly going to go all out and cheat. Totally cheat. Eggs for breakfast (Benedict please with no hollandaise), steak for dinner, poutine for lunch. BUT...there's a part of me that really doesn't want to do that. I'd really like to maintain the integrity of the cleanse. So what I'm looking for are some suggestions for "special" dinners. I'll probably make my cake out of the "Babycakes" cookbook which is awe inspiring. I'm sure Maddie will be more than glad to help with that. I'd go out to eat but unfortunately I'm broke.

So any and all suggestions are welcome...HELP!!! :)


  1. Oh nooooooooo....... you will feel soooooooo much better if you stick to your cleanse!!!! Remember our bodies are hard-wired to crave fat, salt and sugar, as when we were hunter gatherers these were SCARCE in nature but now with the agricultural revolution these items are EVERYWHERE... so mind over matter for just a little while longer.... you can do it!!!! Also... if you cut out something for 21 days apparently your body no longer craves it.

    Here are a couple of great vegan blogs for recipe ideas:

    Do you like eggplant parmesan? The FFV blog has a great recipe and there is one on our website to (

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. It funny how important food is to us.. Why do we put celebrating hand in hand with decedant food? My suggestion would be to pick out one cheat for the day (probably birthday cake).. Do the rest of the cleanse but let yourself enjoy that one special treat... From my own experience, if you go all out cheating the next day you regret it more and you don't necessary enjoy the better meals of the day..Pick out your favorite or being dying to try meals and stick with the plan for 2 of the main meals..

    Here what I'd go for:

    Gluten free pancakes (my recipe is at with a fruit salad and a little bit of agave syrup (i've compared calorie wise and sugar wise to maple syrup there's not much difference)
    Enjoy with a nice chai tea

    Snack : more fruits

    Lunch: Edamane and corn salad

    Supper: This is where I would cheat.
    Grilled steak with a nice salad ( balancing the cleanse)

    Chocolate cake made with gluten free flour (Because that all I have in my house) and i have a recipe that I can give you that's really good)

    Just an idea.. Hope that it inspires you!