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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 21...The Last Day

My mom has gone out for dinner with Steve because it's their wedding anniversary today. Today in particular, was not eventful. I woke up at nine in the morning but didn't leave bed until about 2, because I was reading. So when I woke up, I fixed myself a classic tomato and avocado sandwhich, and sliced a peach. Around 5:30, when mom left I made dinner for everyone. I forgot to take a picture, but it was good nonetheless. I made tacos. Refried beans for me, and ground beef for everyone else.

Other than that nothing happened. But this particular post isn't about today. It's about the past 21 days.

People keep asking me "how do I feel" and stuff like that, but I don't really feel any different. I know thats not exciting and what your expecting to hear, but I don't feel energetic, or healthy. I feel like I always have. That doesn't necessarily mean that I don't feel energetic or healthy, but it I don't feel an added bonus. Today, I didn't wake up and feel like "YAY! It's my last day!" nor did I feel all "Boohoo, it's the last day." This whole experience has yes, given me something to do, and changed how I felt about eating animals but my personal changes and whatever? The same. You should probably ask my mom how she feels about it, because I think that she feels different, healthwise.

I've decided to become vegetarian because a) If I could do this, and have no trouble, then being veg is only going to be easier and b) I've changed my views on eating animals.

Did you know that chickens are genetically modified to grow faster and weigh more? They are also put in rooms where they turn the lights and heat up and down to make the chicken think that it's spring so that they'll lay more eggs. They're also put in "battery" cages where they have about 1 square foot to live. And did you know that "downer" animals, (animals who cannot walk on their own) are usually just left alone to die? How cruel is that?

What does any of this have to do with the vegan cleanse? You're thinking. Well, the cleanse sparked an interest in this type of thing because for one, I wanted to know why people chose to become vegan in the first place. Then, because I began to watch shows and movies like 100 mile challenge, and No Impact Man, and they mentioned stuff like this alot. I was watching Oprah with mom and it kept showing clips from Food Inc. and that really got me interested. Plus I began flipping through the book Eating Animals.

Anyway, in the end of this whole 21 days, I've decided to be vegetarian. Vegan is a bit too much for me; but the thought of eating meat kind of grosses me out now. I guess I just got so used to...well, not eating meat.

Well, it's been a fun 21 days and keep reading for the next project (but I'm going to keep my mouth shut about what it is ;] )!

-Maddie :3

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  1. Well Maddie, you did very well staying on it the whole way. You are very inspiring. What you decide to do is for your advantage. Good luck. See you Thursday. Love Gramma