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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Ten (AKA Mom's Birthday!) and Day 11: Maddie's Perspective

I know I don't post much...but it's mostly because I don't want to post about nothing. But about yesterday: There's a lot to post about. It was my mom's birthday yesterday, and I really hate watching people have bad birthdays. Probably because I hate having bad birthdays of my own. Anyway, as a present I made her chocolate orange body butter, which is actually by accident. I was planning for it just to be orange, but since I mixed cocoa butter in with the oils it smelled like chocolate. Once I added citrus essential oils, it smelled like a Terry's Chocolate Orange. I also made her sugar body scrub, bath oil, and bath salts, all citrus scents.
Another thing I did for her, as you know, was make a 3 course meal. My older sister's best friend helped with the cupcakes and decorations. You can read her blog here:
For the first course I made snow pea and mint salad and bruschetta on fried baguette for the fam jam, and fried millet rice bread for mom and I. The picture above is from when I was frying the baguette. Funny story actually; I took this picture just before I dropped one into the oven underneath the rack, and nearly started a fire. I got it out using a plastic spatula, though in retrospect I probably should've used something metal. After that little fiasco, oil spat all over me when I dropped a piece of bread into the pan and burnt myself. Then, I put my hand under cold water, but I didn't dry them. This was unfortunate because the water from my hand went into the pan and the water was really hot and splattered all over and I burnt myself more. So now I have 5 little burn marks on my hand. It hurts.

The final product of the first course; with the millet rice bread of course. Gluten free!

The second course was pasta primavera. I sauteed asparagus, red pepper, zuchinni, and mushrooms in olive oil. I threw in some garlic, dried parsley, sea salt, and pepper. I cooked spagettini for the non-vegans and quinoa spaghetti for my mom and I. I put the veggies on top of the pasta.

This is what it looked like when it was done. My original intent was to make angel hair primavera, but we couldn't find any angel hair pasta, so we got spagettini, and there spaghetti is the thinnest that the quinoa goes. We topped the pasta with soy parmesan "cheese". It's actually not bad, the parmesan.
The 3rd course was dessert! These are surprisingly good vegan, gluten free, and sugar free cupcakes topped with almonds. They're pretty dense cupcakes...almost heavy. They're really really filling.

As for Day 11, nothing related to the cleanse really happened. My mom and I found really good meltable rice cheese slices, and we had veggie burgers tonight, so I didn't cheat! I went to the library today (finally I have a bike lock) and got myself like six million books, which is good because it'll keep me busy. I found the new Anne Brashares (author of The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants of my favourite series) book, and I'm glad because that means I don't have to buy it! They didn't have the next book in the series I'm currently reading, which sucks but according to the website it'll be back soon.

Well, nothing else really happened today. Unfortunately all my friend's are on I have absolutely ziltch to do. I'm spending most of my time either biking, or finding myself in bed with a good book.

My friend was thinking of starting a blog. I've inspired her.

Well...I guess that's all for now. Unless you want to hear me rant about more random things that have nothing to do with the project.


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  1. your halfway through the cleanse!
    Carolyn's Birthday dinner was good :)Good job!!!