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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Nineteen

Another summer's day has drifted past...It was such a beautiful day today. It's hard not to feel inspired when mother nature is displaying such glorious splendour!!!

So I made a great smoothie to start the day. For this one I put in a ton of blueberries, a wee bit of kale, ground flax, soymilk and 1/2 a frozen banana. So very, very yummy!

After my daughter got up and had some breakfast, we headed out the door and drove off to...

The Garlic Festival in Carp! It was packed and you could enjoy the smell of garlic wafting all the way out to the parking area. At least I could, Maddie says she couldn't...but I think she has a stuffed nose ;)
We saw this beautiful porcelain pottery. It's by Glenn Dunning of Embrun Pottery. He can be found at There you'll find info on his store in Embrun, directions and beautiful photos of his pieces. They are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. I've already put in a request for Christmas. The dishes are truly lovely and functional.

Maddie and I had these great baked potato wedges for lunch. They were nicely seasoned and I resisted the garlic dip. I had to dig deep for the strength to not succumb but I managed.

We ran into this beautiful display of summer squash. Who knew there where so many different varieties. I bought some of the bi-coloured variety and a couple of the delicata squash, along with the usual zuchinni and yellow squash. Can you tell how much I love it?

These are elderberries. Maddie has seen some recipes calling for elderberries and neither one of us had any idea what they were or what they even looked like. Well, lo and behold we found someone at the market who was selling them. He patiently answered all of our questions about the berries and what could be done with them. I think he found our naivete quite charming :) After speaking to him we decided to make a tiny batch of jelly with them. We'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

This was our dinner tonight. The colorful cauliflower that I roasted the other day, baked tofu in tomato sauce, sauteed swiss chard and garlic and the piece de resistance: steamed rainbow carrots with agave syrup and earth balance. So colorful and quite good.

After dinner I finished up some canning. This pot is the result of 2 baskets of tomatoes; skinned, seeded, pureed in the food processor and cooked down. The kitchen smelled like Italy. I'm going to ask my Dad to give me any of his extra tomatoes so I can continue the process.
btw...yesterday my extra for the day yesterday was going to the movies and today I read outside.
Now I am going to watch some more of the 100 mile challenge. This is something that I would love to can find out more or watch for yourself at

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  1. You were pretty busy again. Happy to see you got those tomatoes out of the way. It looks good!Not much to say this early am. Tired & have to go to work. Talk to you see. Take care. Hugs!