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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day One...going green

The first day of going green went okay. I set a few tasks for myself and did them all.

1. No more paper napkins: Since our cat had been using the cloth napkin basket to sleep in there was no way those napkins could be used without some TLC. So they all had to be washed and a drawer had to be cleared out where they could be kept without fear of cats. LOL

2. No more grocery bag collecting: I actually do own cloth bags I just always forget them either in the car or at the house. Except at Costco because they don't have any plastic bags...but today I actually remembered. And I put the bags back in the car so they don't get left at home.

3. Compost: We have a compost bucket under the sink. We have a compost bin in the back yard and Ottawa has a green bin program. Do we remember to compost? No we don't. So I put a sign up above the sink and I'll put one up above the garbage too. Hopefully this will help jog some memories :)

While the carnivores in the house had BBQ'd steak I cooked up some meatless beef strips (that's the actual name. The boys had a good giggle let me tell you!) along with onion, garlic, red pepper and mushrooms. For the sides we had stir fried summer squash, roasted beets and turnips and mashed potatoes with vegetarian gravy. First real meal I've had in a few days. So very, very good.

See you all tomorrow!



  1. Love the blog Sis! I've only read Agee postings because I'm never on my PC anymore. It's so well written and organized, and the pics tie in so nicely. Great job.... So proud of you. XoX

  2. 1st off, that picture of your dinner is making my mouth water!

    2nd, I always forgot my reusable bags, but I've been remembering for 10 weeks straight! I've even been using them for things other than grocery shopping, which is a big deal for me bc I ALWAYS forgot them for that too :)

  3. Mama Motz: hahaha...I'm so glad to see I'm not alone in my reusable bag conundrum!! 10 weeks is huge! You deserve a great big shout out for that one!