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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Eight

Today I was supposed to write about eating on the run or while traveling but I've been awake since 3:12 this morning and there is no way that's going to happen. It'll have to wait for another day. Maddie says she doesn't need to post today because she ate the same exact things as I did except she only had a brown rice cake for breakfast and 1/2 a Lara bar for a snack in the afternoon. We ran around doing errands and getting groceries most of the day. We left around 11 am and I dropped her off at 3 pm. We put the groceries away then I was back out until 4:30. I am so wiped.

My breakfast was a little different today. I took some raw oats and mixed it with soy yogurt. I topped it with diced apple, wild blueberries and walnuts. It was really yummy but totally filling.

Lunch was on the run with Maddie...not a good place to be!! Especially considering what I had read just that morning! Anyway we got french fries. I checked to make sure that they weren't fried in lard, so they were vegan but oh so unhealthy. I really felt kind of crappy afterwards. I don't think that I'll have a repeat on this for the rest of the cleanse even though, technically speaking, we were still within the guidelines.

Dinner was relatively simple although I am getting tired of cooking two meals. I made a vegetable fried rice, steamed fresh green beans and yellow squash sauteed in Earth Balance and sprinkled with thyme. I used soy sauce and eggs in the family pan, while Maddie and I had ours without eggs and seasoned with wheat-free tamari. I topped off the rice with mushrooms and garlic sauteed in olive oil. It was tasty!

So now the dishes are done and I've got raspberry herbal tea steeping to make iced tea for tomorrow. I'm going to stretch out with my latest book and some pomegranate tea. At the moment I'm reading "Enlightenment for Idiots" a novel by Anne Cushman and so far it's pretty good.



  1. Have you read the get healthy, go vegan cookbook, by Neal Barnard, MD..its a pretty good read, he has lots of easy recipes that are pretty tasty, I also like eat, drink & be vegan by Dreena Burton. It is also pretty good for easy recipes. I've been trying to follow a vegan diet the last 5 weeks, and I feel much better, some days are better than others ;)

  2. I really like Dreena Burton's website and have borrowed her cookbooks from the library in the past. Now that I'm trying to get beyond "flirting" with veganism they may be worth investing in.
    I'll check the library for the Neal Barnard one. I've read some of his other books but not this one.
    I really like "the kind diet" by Alicia Silverstone and "get it ripe" by Jae Steele. they both have great info and fabulous recipes.

    Five weeks is a milestonw I'm looking forward to. I don't know that I'll keep to all aspects of the cleanse but the veganism is going to stay :)

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  4. If you are interested in cooking only one meal, why not sit down with your family and watch "Food Inc.". That was the movie that turned my carnivore, meat and potatoes husband into a full blown vegan. It's not a "schockumentary" but they do explain in detail the things that go on with factory farming.

    If you are thinking of making this a permanent lifestyle choice for yourself, why not make a family affair out of it. My kids are young, so they don't have a choice lol and they like everything healthy anyway bc it's all they've ever had.

  5. I've gotten a hold of Food Inc. I'm going to watch it with the kids. Although I must say I think my older kids need a "shockumentary"! Do you happen to know the titles of any of those?!