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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Fifteen

I want to start today off by thanking everyone who has offered support, encouragement and advice both on this blog and on facebook. You guys all rock!!! I'm so grateful to have such an awesome posse of ladies in my life! (And gentlemen, I certainly am not excluding any of you!)

My day started off pretty good. I did one of my "feel good jobs". I turned on the ipod and sang good and loud, bouncing in my chair. So it wasn't dancing around the kitchen but it was the best I could do :)

Maddie offered to make breakfast....that's the kind of sweet girl that she is. I accepted some of her excellent home fries.

This was Maddie's plate but she ate a bit of her toast with organic/no sugar strawberry jam before she snapped the picure. She also had home fries and a sliced peach.

I did some yoga today. I really need to get a yoga strap. Back when I practiced yoga regularly I never had this problem of lack of flexibility and proper body alignment. But I did the best I could and thoroughly enjoyed the practice today.

This was actually my lunch. I know it looks like it should have been my breakfast but since I didn't really have any this was what I felt like eating. A fruit salad with peach, banana, blueberries and apple. I ate 2 slices of GF toast with almond butter along side it.

I actually accomplished everything set out in my "Rhythm" plan, including the weekly chores. I have to go at it a bit more slowly though because rushing wears me out. So that can be solved by spending less time on the phone. Then I won't have to multi-task which I'm trying to stop doing or rush to get stuff done after being stuck on the phone for an hour with someone. In case you missed it and are interested I posted my daily and weekly rhythms at one of my other blogs.

I was hungry this afternoon so I made myself this snack. The hummus I spoke about yesterday with cucumber, carrots and tortilla chips. I had a glass of raspberry herbal iced tea with it.

Something new at dinner. I saw these cute little eggplants at the market last Saturday and just had to get a couple and try them out. Aren't they sweet? I can't remember what they are called though.

This was dinner. It was very, very yummy and filling. I stir fried green beans, carrots, the eggplants and a few mushrooms, along with some garlic. On the side we had quinoa pasta with a basil/sunflower seed pesto. A little sprinkle of vegan parmesan finished it off. Tasty and filling!
Now I've got a question to throw out there. I'd like to make some blueberry jam. Has anyone had success doing this with agave or another gentler sugar substitute? Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day for a change. Your fruit salad looks yummy! It's so rewarding when you see progress. Take care darling daughter. Talk to you soon.

  2. I've made blueberry jam with a combination of honey & organic sugar. I'd think the agave syrup would act much like the honey. It turned out great!

  3. Thanks Ashley :)
    Laurie...I made the jam today and I'll post about it tonight. Can't wait to try it!