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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Seven

Today was a strange day. Especially because the chapter for Day 7 is about rest. Which I didn't get much of. The pain woke me up at 4:07 this morning. Of course, I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't fall back asleep. I did try until 5 am, when I gave up and got up. I like the quiet of the house at that hour but I was really tired as I hadn't been able to fall asleep until close to midnight last night.

I think that I need to incorporate some of Freston's helpful tips for Rest. I know that they can't help with the pain but they may aid me in falling asleep more easily and maybe getting a better quality sleep.

Things I'd like to try: get outside everyday (even if it's not a walking day I could sit outside while I journal), play some meditation music and catnap for twenty minutes (I have a terribly hard time sleeping during the day so this may help). I've also read that you should cut off all media at 10 pm at the latest to prepare yourself for sleep (I'll have to convince Steve of this one) and sleep in a darkened room (this I'd like to do. I know I sleep better in total darkness).

I did 20 minutes of gentle yoga this morning. I was really pleased with myself as I didn't have a whole lot of energy but once I was done I found I wasn't quite as tired. I was so "off" though from not sleeping much that I didn't eat breakfast until after 11. I used to do that all the time but during this cleanse I've maintained three meals a day plus snacks if I need them. That means breakfast in the morning! Early! Maddie made me a spinach and strawberry smoothie. I liked it but she didn't. She's really not a fan of greens and seeds in her smoothies :)

Around 1pm I ate the same tomato sandwich that I had for lunch yesterday. I didn't get around to taking my morning supplements until 3 (??!!), my green drink at 4. I had 2 plums in the late afternoon because I was a little hungry.

I do really think I have more energy though. Normally so little sleep would make me a zombie. I'm tired for sure but I'm not the walking dead. A definite change. I've also lost 2 lbs! Kind of a nice little bonus, since weight loss isn't my primary reason for doing this.

I've made my decision about my birthday...I'm sticking with the cleanse! I appreciate all the input, on facebook and here, it all helped. Maddie and I have designed the menu and we're shopping tomorrow. The one thing I will allow myself is the cupcakes. They will be vegan, GF and sugar free but they're chocolate. I am getting fair trade organic chocolate though :)

For dinner tonight I roasted sweet potatoes, white potatoes and rainbow beets. I also sauteed the rainbow swiss chard, garlic and the beet greens. Then I drizzled on a tiny bit of balsamic. I topped it with a seeded diced tomato and slivered almonds. It was beautiful and delicious! I drank a glass of vegetable juice along with it.

Here's the plate:

So that's all the news for today. We've made it to Day 7 and we're feeling good!!!