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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready, set...we're going green

We're getting geared up for our next 21 day project: Going Green. When we were looking at our list of 25 or so project ideas we wanted to choose one that would tie in to the Vegan Cleanse and going green certainly fit the bill.

Now Maddie is away for the week, she'll be back on Saturday so I'll be flying solo for the first bit on this one :)

I've read (or am reading and highlighting!) some books in preparation for this:

-No Impact Man by Colin Beavan
-Better off by Eric Brende
-Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson
-Do it Gorgeously by Sophie Uliano
-Go Green, Get Lean by Kate Geagan
-Happy Go Local by Linsly Donnelly
-Go Green, Save Green by Nancy Sleeth

Each week will have a different focus. I'm trying to get as many changes done in the 21 days as possible but don't want to work myself into the ground or drive myself crazy. Trying not to do too much is especially important at the moment as my neuro symptoms continue to get worse. But there is some good news on that front...I'm getting my MRI done on Tuesday and see the neurologist on September 1st. So we are all crossing fingers, toes and eyes over here that I might finally get some answers and solutions.

So, back to the weekly focus. At the moment, I think I'll divide the time like this:

1. Home and special events
2. Transportation and entertainment
3. Food and sabbath days (in whatever context works for you)

I'm really excited about this. There is so much more we can do in this area. I'm hoping we can make some changes that really stick.

Now as a follow up on the cleanse...I've allowed myself to backslide a bit this week. Not good in more ways than one. I've drank Diet Coke (more than once), ate cheese and used butter (more than once) and ate homemade chocolate chip cookies (and threw up, but you didn't really need to know that did you?!). As a result I'm bloated, mucousy and have less energy. I'm looking at the new project date tomorrow as a perfect time to reboot my diet and get back on track.

I'll keep you posted!!


btw...If you have any book or DVD suggestions or any ideas I'd love to hear about them! Please leave a comment, they all get read :)


  1. Good for you guys! Going green is so good, and very much 'in style' right now. You should have very little trouble with this once you get your bearings.

    One book I enjoyed was "The Newman's Own Guide to a Good Life: Simple Measures that Benefit You and the Place You Live." by Nell Newman. I think it incorporates *almost* any aspect of life. It's hard to change every little thing at once, but over time you can replace old products with new ones.

    Remember that part of being green is using the stuff you've already purchased, so try to use up your old cleaners now and replace them when they're empty. That way you've used them and can recycle their containers.

  2. Good luck with the MRI.. Hope you feel better soon!

    I love this going green.. You should also see about posting the male perpective of this!!! I'm sure that you will try to get the boys involved.. :)

  3. Hey Mama Motz,
    I'll look for Nell Newman's book at the library. Thanks for the idea! I promise to use up what I have before I run off and make more stuff LOL. I am collecting recipe to make my own cleaners etc but I won't use them until I'm done with what I have :)

    Thanks for reading

  4. MommaBear
    Thanks for the good luck I can use it! I hope all is well on your side of the street.

    I think getting the male perspective is an excellent idea. I'll see what I can do :)